Q: What is this website?

A: Universal’s Photo Connect is the Universal Studios photo brand that allows Photo Connect Star Card members to share, view, edit, and purchase photo related products.

Q: Who are Colorvision and Amazing Pictures?

A: Colorvision International Inc / Amazing Pictures are the official photography partner of Universal Studios. UniversalPhotoConnect.com is owned and operated by Colorvision International Inc. Photo Connect locations on Universal property are operated by Colorvision and all customer service, fulfillment and order processing are handled by Colorvision team members. You can learn more about Colorvision International Inc and Amazing Pictures by visiting www.amazingpictures.com.

Q: Is this site secure?

A: Yes. Any page in which you are asked to enter personal information (sign in screens, registration screens, account details, shopping cart, and checkout) is protected with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. This encryption is verified by Versign, the leader in SSL Encryption Verification. Please note that pages that do not deal with personal information transmit as unencrypted which may cause your browser to display a warning when traversing from an encrypted to unencrypted page.

Q: How do I find my photos?

A: You must be a Photo Connect Star Card member to have online access to your photos. If you did not purchase the Star Card package during your visit then your photos were only available in park during your visit and are not available online.

B. You must register with email address you gave to a team member at the park when you made your Star Card purchase. Activate your account before you will be able to view any photos. The registration is completely free and your information is kept private and secure. Once registered, go to Albums where you will find all photos you connected during visit.

Q: I found my photos, how do I order a product?

A: By following the steps below:

  • Select View Albums from the top of any page, or by selecting the album from the thumbnail view in the Photo Detail page or Create Product page.
  • Clicking a photo from any of these pages will bring you into the Create Product page where you may select a product from the box on the right.
  • Finally, you may View Products and select Create this Product.

Q: How do I edit my photo (rotate, zoom, position etc...)?

A: The editor will automatically size and position the photo according to the product you have selected. You may edit this further in the Create Product page by clicking the Edit button located directly beneath the generated product preview. From here you will find controls to rotate, zoom, adjust color, contrast and position your photo within the parameters of the selected product.

Q: How did my picture get on this site?

A: All images hosted on our site are tied to the package you purchased at the park. If you would like to have your image removed from the site please contact customer service at cs@amazingpictures.com or call 1-800-368-6386.

Q: I called but cannot reach anybody.

A: If you have called 1-800-368-6386 and are unable to reach a customer service representative. Please leave a voicemail with a return number and a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our home office is open Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. Closed on holidays. Additionally you can email our customer service department at cs@amazingpictures.com.

Q: I registered but how come I haven’t received the activation email?

A: The activation email is automatically sent to you upon initial registration, however, email spam and junk filters can sometimes filter the message from your account. We recommend that you add noreply@amazingpictures.com to your trusted senders list. Additionally, if you still have problems, you may sign in at which time you will be reminded that activation is required. On this page, you will see a link at the bottom to resend the activation email. You may contact customer service at 1-800-368-6386 to have your account manually activated.

Q: How do I remove the Amazing Picture watermark from my pictures?

A: The watermark is there to protect your images and prevent unlicensed downloading of our files. All purchased images and products will not have watermarks present.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: Due to the customized nature of our products, it will take us 10-14 business days to process and create your order. Once processed, delivery will be according to the shipping method you selected upon checkout. Please note that shipping time is in addition to the processing period. For questions regarding the status of your order please call customer service at 1-800-368-6386 with your order number on hand.

Q: Why did the website and options change when I selected my picture?

A: Being that Amazing Pictures photographs at many different attractions, we host different sites tailored to specific events and locations. These sites feature customized products, artwork and options specified by the location. Not all options are available on all sites. Often the appearance of the website will change to fit the brands and characters associated with the pictures displayed.

Q: My Digital Download doesn’t look right when I print it.

A: The digital download product is designed as a ‘sharable’ image intended for posting online, emailing and sharing via various social media outlets. The image size is reduced to accommodate these intentions and is not the same resolution as our print product images. Should you wish to purchase prints of your photograph/s we have a wide variety of print products available.

Q: Why can’t I select the border I want on my photo?

A: Amazing Pictures partners with a wide variety of license holders and branded properties to bring you dynamic and engaging picture products. Being that there are licenses and permissions associated with the artwork in a lot of our photo borders, not all borders will be available for all photos. Amazing Pictures is a trusted partner intent on maintaining the integrity of the brands we use on all our products.

Q: How Do I Customize A Photo Book?

A: PhotoBook products are completely customized and made to order by our team of graphic designers. Guests who have purchased a Photo Book product have the ability to upload their own park photos, select images form their Photo Connect Album, and pull from a wide array for official stock photos to populate their book. These options are all part of the Photo Book Builder tool which is made available during the ordering process. Simply add a Photo Book product to your cart and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your order has been placed and your images selected, our Art Department is notified of your order and will build a book for you. You will receive a digital proof of your book directly from the artist assigned your order. This proof is a representation of the book we have built for you. Should there be any errors or edits to be made, the proof allows you to comment and make adjustments which are then sent back to the artist. Once you are satisfied with your Photo Book layout we will produce the order and ship you your finalized Photo Book.

Q: My Product Looks Different Than The Sample. Why is that?

A: Due to the wide variety of photo options available at Universal's theme parks no one sample icon can accurately showcase all the different photo possibilities. Additionally the artwork associated with each photo op is designed specifically with a given photograph in mind. As a result the assortment of available images and photo borders varies drastically from picture to picture. Our fulfillment team and graphic artists take the product being ordered and the photos selected into account when building your products. In the case of more customized products such as Photo Books and Bed Sets, our artists will develop a design that best suits the images you have selected. Each one of these products is unique and made to order.

Q: Which products Are Made By Your Artists?

A: Our standard web products allow you the ability to zoom, crop and place your photo in a designated photo border. Some products however are more complicated and involve custom artwork being generated based on your photos selected. When nessesary proofs will be sent to the emails dress registered with your account for clarification and approval.
These products include:

  • Photo Books
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Shower Curtains
  • Table Cloths
  • Sports Banners

Q: How can I have my picture removed from this site?

A: If you would like to have your image removed from the site please contact customer service at cs@amazingpictures.com or call 1-800-368-6386

Q: If I still have questions, what can I do?

A: Contact our customer service department who will gladly assist you. Email to cs@amazingpictures.com or call toll free 1-800-368-6386. Office hours are 9am-5pm EST Monday – Friday. We are closed on holidays.